Burris 30mm Signature Universal Dovetail Scope Mount Rings - 420578

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Burris 30mm Signature Rifle Scope Rings Universal Dovetail are for the shooter who demands the best performance from his equipment and is a practical thinker. The benefits of this revolutionary design are many. Consistent accuracy. Tremendous gripping power. Scratch-free and stress-free mounting. Scope value preservation. By putting a synthetic pivoting insert within a Burris steel outer ring, your scope-to-ring surface area contact becomes virtually 100%. Burris 30mm Signature Universal Dovetail Ring Pair is shipped with Burris concentric and +/-.010" inserts.image

Type: Signature
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Height: 0.78"
Size: Burris Bases
Finish: Matte
Material: Steel
Mount Type: Dovetail