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All ICON Rods come with a Cashion Rod Sleeve

The Chatterbait Rod
The Chatterbait made by Z-MAN has become an absolute staple among all anglers searching for the next big bite. At Cashion rods, we know the importance of matching a rod for such a dominating technique. That is why we created the Chatterbait rod, specifically for those who love throwing this bait! This rod became just as much of a necessity as the bait did; So we took the experience that built this rod from the ground up and brought it to an ICONIC level. We now have your go-to chatterbait rod in the ICON Series!

ICON Worm/Jig Rod
If you are like us, you love a good diversity of technique specific rods. Everything from throwing Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits to Texas Rigs, Football Jigs. and our state namesake, Carolina Rig. We at Cashion Rods are truly excited to bring you the ICON Worm/Jig rod. 10 years of experience in making rods, and it all comes down to this series. The best of the best. We made a lighter, stronger, more sensitive rod and the ICON series has truly set the bar.

ICON Topwater/Jerkbait Rods
When the water temperature starts to drop in the early fall, the top-water bite starts heating up! And when the water temps get 35 – 40 degrees, that is when serious anglers get really excited because they know a jerk-bait bite is coming. Top-water and Jerk-bait fishing fishing go hand in hand. These two techniques have any angler covered throughout the whole year, so why not fish it with the ICON Topwater/Jerkbait Rods. Here at Cashion rods, we have you covered for every topwater or jerkbait situation that you might find yourself in. Want finesse? try the iTJ69MXF or if you need something to throw those big topwater baits, try the iTJ7MHXF.

ICON Swimbait Rod
The personal best breaker. Built for big baits and big fish. The Cashion ICON swimbait casting rods deliver the best American-made performance needed to cast those big swimbaits and get those trophy class fish to the boat. The ICON swimbait casting rod is strong enough to handle anything from 1-6 oz swimbaits without sacrificing a shred of that sensitivity that you know and love. Cashion makes the choice easy because you know these rods are of the highest quality. We beefed up the eyes on this rod to size 6 guides to get the heavier line and leader knots through without sacrificing distance, sensitivity and control

ICON Spinning Rods
Experienced fishermen know the proper spinning rod makes all the difference when downsizing. Our extremely sensitive ICON series spinning rods have perfectly matched tip actions that allow pin-point casting control with the proper amount of power. Cashion ICON series spinning fishing rods were designed with exceptional tip and lighter powers for fishing with shaky heads, drop shots, or smaller jigs. Cashion Finesse style spinning rods have approximately 12”-16” of tip which then turns to backbone. The tip allows for excellent casting control and excellent hook sets with single hook baits or when throwing smaller moving baits on spinning tackle.

ICON Multi-Purpose Rod
Are you an angler that needs something that does it all? Look no further than the Cashion ICON multi-purpose rod. The predecessor to this rod has been dubbed the workhorse, so we took everything that was great with the F90474b elite series rod and made it better, lighter, and more sensitive. This rod can handle a multitude of techniques and baits, and has quickly become a favorite amongst a lot of fisherman. Everything from jigs, worms, lipless crankbaits, shakey-heads… The ICON multi-purpose rod was built for the angler who does it all.

ICON Frog Rod
Every year always hold that special time that legendary places like Lake Guntersville are known for. When you hear that braid screaming off your spool. You look out onto the lake and see nothing but matted grass or Lilly pads and that puts a grin on your face. That is right, we are talking about frog fishing! There is nothing better than a big bass exploding on your frog like a shark after its meal; But there is one thing you need to have for bone jarring hooksets… Power and the Cashion ICON Frog rod has more than enough power you could ever ask for, with perfect tip for controlled casting. When the fish get on a frog bite, you don’t want to leave your Cashion ICON Frog Rod at home!

ICON Flipping Rods
Flipping and pitching started out using big heavy “Broom stick” rods with 25lb mono filament. With the advancements over the last 30 years, anglers are now able to have a diverse selection of line, hooks, and baits. It really has become a discipline for many anglers all across the country. We all know Florida is known for punching grass mats, and Kentucky Lake is legendary for spring time flipping bushes. You need a rod that will handle anything that you throw at it. That’s why, Cashion Rods has developed the ICON flipping rod, specifically to handle any situation you might need it for.

ICON Cranking Rods
This is what serious crankbait anglers have been waiting for. The Cashion ICON Cranking rod is an absolute necessity in any anglers rod locker. Whether you are pulling a square bill through a stump field in early spring, burning banks or ripping grass with a rattle trap, or launching a Little John DD crankbait on the deep ledges; Cashion has built the perfect rod for any crankbait enthusiast. From the iC66MMF to the iCDD76MHMF up to the iC710HMF (XD) and everything in between, you will be covered for any scenario.


SKU Technique Blank Action, Power Lure Wt. (oz) Line Wt. (lb test)
iC7MMF Crankbait 7' Mod-Fast, Med 3/16-1/2 6-14
iC7MHMF Crankbait 7' Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 5/16-3/4 10-17
iC73MHMF Crankbait 7'3" Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8-3/4 10-14
iRT75MHMF Rattle Trap 7’5″ Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8 – 1 1/4 10-20
iC76MHMF Crankbait 7'6" Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8-3/4 10-14
iCDD76MHMF Deep Diver 7'6" Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8-1 10-17
iF73MHF Flipping 7'3" Fast, Med-Hvy 1/4-1 12-50
iF73HF Flipping 7'3" Fast, Hvy 1/4-1 1/2 12-65
iF76MHF Flipping 7'6" Fast, Med-Hvy 1/4-1 12-50
iF76HF Flipping 7'6" Fast, Hvy 1/4-1 1/2 12-65
iWJ66MF Worm/Jig 6'6" Fast, Med 1/8-3/8 10-14
iWJ69MHF Worm/Jig 6'9" Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8-1 10-20
iWJ69HF Worm/Jig 6'9" Fast, Hvy 1/2-1 1/2 12-25
iWJ7MHF Worm/Jig 7' Fast, Med-Hvy 3/16-3/4 12-17
iWJ7HF Worm/Jig 7' Fast, Hvy 1/4-1 14-20
iCh71MHMF Chatterbait 7'1" Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 1/2 - 1 1/2 12-65
iWJ73MHF Chatterbait 7'3" Fast, Med-Hvy 3/8-1 14-25
iCR76HMF Carolina Rig 7'6" Mod-Fast, Hvy 1/2 - 2 14-50
iMP74MHMF Multi-Purpose 7'4" Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy 1/4-1 1/2 12-65
iTJ69MXF Topwater/Jerkbait 6'9" X-Fast, Med 3/16-1/2 8-14
iTJ69MHXF Topwater/Jerkbait 6'9" X-Fast, Med-Hvy 1/4-3/4 10-14
iFR74HF Frog 7'4" Fast, Hvy 1/4- 1 1/2 12-65

Spinning Series

iSH66MFs Shaky Head Skipping 6'6" Fast, Med 1/8-3/8 6-12
iDS7MLFs Dropshot 7' Fast, Med-Lt 1/16-3/8 6-10
iAP7MFS All Purpose 7' Fast, Med 1/8-1/2 6-12
iAP7MHFs All Purpose 7' Fast, Med-Hvy 3/16-5/8 8-12
iNR7MFs Ned Rig 7" Fast, Med 1/8-3/8 6-12
iSH72MHFs Power Shaky Head 7'2" Fast, Med-Hvy 1/8-5/8 8-12