Cold Steel Bushman, Cold Cs-95fb Pocket Bushman

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The pocket bushman was designed with one clear goal; to create a rugged, dependable folder for camp and utility chores.A knife that could be depended upon for tough outdoor tasks and emergency survival applications, while still being small and handy enough to fit in a pocket or be stowed in a pack.Its long and wide with a sharp clip-point for maximum practicality and versatility in the field.For the handle, we used a mono-block construction made famous by the classic french douk douk.There are no liners, handle scales or back spacers.Instead, a single sheet of stainless steel is folded in half to form a housing for the closed blade, as well as supplying the enormous strength and rigidity required to complement our innovative ram safe lock.The ram safe lock works in tandem with the mono block handle of the pocket bushman.A solid steel bar moves forward and back under spring tension, while the strong compression drives the ram forward at all times.This forward action keeps the blade securely closed when folded, and solidly locked opened when in use.When opened, the angled ram wedges between the blade tang shelf and the steel frame making it incredibly strong and self-adjusting under pressure, creating a new solid lock up that defies wear and tear.

Closed Length: 5.75"
Blade Type: Clip Point
Blade Length: 4.50"
Oal: 10.25"
Blade Material: 4116 Stainless Steel
Handle Description: Long 420 Series Stainless
Weight: 6.60 oz
Sheath: None
Edge Type: Plain
Open Type: Thumb Stud