Cold Steel Mini Pal, Cold 43nsk Mini Pal

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The mini pal is only 1/2 an ounce in weight yet it delivers heavy weight performance.The edge zips through a host of materials at unbelievable speed.The 1" long blade is razor sharp, to open delicate packages and envelopes, cut rope or punch through heavy cartons.Plus the unique handle offers a variety of grips that would not be impossible with any other design.It comes with a secure-ex sheath that features a lanyard clip.

Type: Fixed
Blade Type: Drop Point
Blade Length: 1"
Oal: 2.63"
Blade Material: 400 Stainless Steel
Handle Description: Synthetic Rubber Black
Weight: 0.80 oz
Sheath: Secure-Ex/Lanyard Clip
Edge Type: Serrated
Open Type: N/A
No. Of Blades: 1