Cold Steel Mini Tac, Cold 49htf Mini Tac Tanto

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Cold steel's generation of mini tac neck knives can be comfortably worn 24 hours a day.With their sturdy bead chain lanyards and their rugged secure ex sheaths (specially designed to snugly retain the knife while allowing a speedy draw stroke), they can be worn outside clothing and perform as a handy utility or rescue knife.They can also be carried more discreetly under a shirt or blouse or inside a coat.They can even be used for camping or hiking as they can easily be tied or taped anywhere from a backpack to a fanny pack.Fashioned from aus 8a stainless steel and reflecting state of the art heat treatment they are honed to a razor edge and exhibit incredible toughness for such a small knife, due in part to their full tang construction.

Closed Length: 3"
Type: Fixed
Blade Type: Tanto
Blade Length: 3.75"
Oal: 6.75"
Blade Material: AUS 8A Steel
Handle Description: G10 Black Griv-Ex
Weight: 2.70 oz
Sheath: Secure-Ex
Edge Type: Plain
Open Type: N/A
No. Of Blades: 1