Cold Steel Sport, Cold Cs-80stk12z Sure Flight Sport

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For many years now we have offered some of the finest premium professional-grade throwing knives.Our throwers have become a mainstay in the throwing community and they make regular appearances in the highest level throwing competitions all over the world.Now, due to popular demand, we are proud to introduce a new line of intermediate grade, inexpensive sport throwers.Made to the same exacting standards, and with the same hard spring tempering as our higher end models, these sport models are slightly thinner and lighter but with the same durability and balance that our customers have come to expect.Suitable for any skill level, they are markedly less expensive than our original pro-grade models and make it easier than ever to take up this enjoyable and rewarding pastime.

Oal: 12"
Blade Material: Black 1055 Carbon Steel
Handle Description: Black Polypropylene
Weight: 8.20 oz
Sheath: None
Edge Type: Plain