Galco Kodiak, Galco Khb62h Kodiak Ammo Band 500sw

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Keep extra cartridges available for quick reloading with this kodiak holster bandolier.Designed to work in conjunction with the kodiak shoulder holster only, the kodiak holster bandolier slides easily on and off the kodiak holster to create an integrated gun/ammo system.The bandolier is caliber-specific and constructed of leather with a havana brown finish.*note- the kodiak bandolier does not include holster or harness.This model is holds 500 s&w magnum ammo and is embossed with the caliber.

Shell Count: None
Type: Bandolier
Color: Havana Brown
Material: Leather
Model: Kodiak
Finish: Smooth
Model Fit: Kodiak Holster
Mount Type: Slide
Caliber Or Gauge: 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum
Compartments: 5