Galco Tacslide, Galco Ts158b Tac Slide J-frame Blk

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Galco's tacslide mates a kydex holster pocket to a slotted steerhide backplate for a belt holster that is fast, concealable, and very economical.An open top and near-neutral cant make the draw fast and simple, while the open bottom accommodates multiple barrel lengths.The forward-molded design contours to the hip, and the belt slots pull the handgun into the body for concealment.It fits belt widths up to 1.75".This model is configured for right-handed carry and is compatible with s&w j-frame 36 2-3", 60 2.125".357/38, 60 3", 642, 649 bodyguard 2", 317 3", 337 3.125", 340pd, 360 3.125", 63 3", 640 centennial 2.125".357/38; taurus 605 2", 85 2", 85 titanium 2", 85ch 2".

Belt Size: 1.75"
Type: Belt Slide
Color: Black
Material: Kydex Holster w/Leather Backing
Hand: Right
Finish: Textured
Firearm Fit: S&W J Frame
Other Firearms Fit: Taurus 605/85/85 Titanium/85CH
Mount Type: Slide
Gun Type: Revolver
Compartments: 1