Predator Tactics Inc Owl-eye, Pred 97510 Owl-eye Multi Color Feeder Lgt W-remote

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The owl-eye hog feeder light by predator tactics includes red & green leds built into this hog light.Quickly change the color of the beam with the included wireless remote or select the color choice directly on the feeder light itself.The wireless remote will give you well over 100 yards of operation.The owl-eye hog feeder light offers several different ways to mount it to your feeder or a nearby post or tree.The hog light is equipped with premium components that gives you 5 different operating modes.This hog light gives you the portability to jump from feeder to feeder or bait site to bait site and has the light output to cover a large area.Get your next hog light today and pick up the owl-eye hog feeder light to take to your next hunt.

Material: Polymer
Type: Feeder Light
Bulb Type: LED
Battery: 6 Volt
Proofs: Waterproof
Color: Black
Filter Color: Red/Green
Switch Type: Silent Remote