Primos Cellucore, Prim 119904d Cellucore 20 Dual Sim Gry Box

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The cellucore 20 solar combines the reliability with an integrated solar panel to dramatically increase battery life.The dual-sim configuration of the cellucore 20 allows it to automatically connect to at&t or verizonwhichever offers the strongest cellular network based on your cameras location.Features optimized antenna; high output ir leds for best-in-class night range and battery life; sorts images by weather, wind, moon and more; make setting changes through your phone on the app; sub 1 second trigger speed; 20 mp images; 80' night and detection range; hd video saved to sd card and a 12 aa removable battery tray, *batteries and sd card not included.** bushnell recommends energizer brand lithium batteries and san disk brand sd cards 32gb capacity.Bushnell does not recommend the use of micro sds or sd adapters.

Audio: No
Resolution: 20MP
Power Source: Solar Compatible
Memory: 32GB
Wireless Capable: Yes
Video Settings: HD
Stamp: Date/Moon/Temp/Time