Primos Cellucore, Prim 119908d Cellucore Live Dl Sim Treebrk Camo Bx

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The cellucore live cellular trail camera is everything you need in a cellular camera, plus live streaming video on demand.So, with the touch of a button on your smartphone, you get real-time video of deer youre managing, spots youre scouting or the property youre protecting.With dual sim connectivity, it automatically connects to the strongest at&t or verizon network signal in your cameras area.The cellucore live connects, receives and sorts high-quality images faster and holds up with rugged reliability.Features 32mp image resolution; live streaming video with the touch of a button on your smart phone through the app; optimized antenna; high output no glow ir led's; 100' night range; sorts images by weather, wind, moon and moreand removable battery tray.Batteries and sd card not included.Bushnell recommends energizer brand lithium batteries and san disk brand sd cards.

Picture Or Video: Audio/Photo/Video
Resolution: 32MP
Power Source: Solar Compatible
Memory: 32GB
Wireless Capable: Yes
Video Settings: 1080p HD
Stamp: Date/Moon/Temp/Time