Real Avid-revo Gun Boss, Avid Avgbprop Gb Pro Pistol Kit

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The gun boss pro handgun kit come in a polycarbonate case with a kickstand design that flips open to put every tool you'll need to clean your handguns at your fingertips.There's an ergonomic handle for all the brushes and jags.Tools are clearly labeled and snap securely into place.The multi-function handle rotates, taps pins and also works as a detailing handle.Kit includes two brass rods that combine with rotating handle to form a 12.5" rod,.45 cal.Brush and jag,.40 cal.Brush and jag,.357 cal./.38 cal./9mm brush and jag, a large and small nylon slotted tip and 25 cleaning patches.

Thread Pattern: Pistol
Type: Pistol Kit
Size: Pistol
Quantity: 1 Kit
Bristle Type: Brass
Material: Slotted
Tip Feature: Slotted
Battery: Polycarbonate