Real Avid-revo Gun Boss, Avid Avgckak47 Gun Boss Ak47

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The gun boss ak47 cleaning kit contains a proprietary carbon-scraping tool designed for ak pistons and bolts.The chamber brush is threaded on both ends to reach the hard-to-clean chamber from both directions.The kit includes 6 threaded steel rods and a swivle tip to combine to form a 28.5" rod, t-handle, 7.62mm bore brush, gas tube nylon brush and mop, nylon slotted pin, ak47 drift pin punch with a gas port scraper tip, bore illuminator/safety flag, chamber brush, compact ak47 carbon scraper, and 50-1.5" x 3" cleaning patches.

Type: Rifle Kit
Size: AK47
Pieces: Multiple
Bristle Type: Bronze, Nylon
Includes: Brushes/Rod/Handle