Real Avid-revo Gun Boss, Avid Avgckar15 Gun Boss Ar15 Kit

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The gun boss ar15 is a rod-based system that comes in a compact, weather-resistant travel case.Each tool snaps securely into place in the high-quality, oil-resistant tray of this rugged case.This kit includes 7 threaded coated steel rod sections with rotating tip combine to form a 33" rod, star chamber brush, 5 wool star chamber cleaning pads, nylon slotted tip, t-handle, bolt carrier brush, 5.56/.223 bore brush, phosphor bronze bristles, straight and angled cleaning picks, 50 1.5" x 3" rifle/handgun cleaning patches and a 3-in-1 bore illuminator/pin punch/safety flag.

Type: Cleaning Kit/Bag
Size: Various
Quantity: 1 Kit
Bristle Type: Brass
Includes: Case
Material: Slotted/Brush/Mop
Battery: EVA w/Polyurethane Armored Shell