Sme Bullseye, Sme Tgtcam-lr Bullseye Long Range Cam 1 Mile+

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The sme bullseye sight in camera doesn't require cellular or internet service.The camera is as an all in one unit- camera and wi-fi transmitter featuring 300 yard transmission range; adjustable wi-fi transmitter; built-in hinge and locking cantilever for up to 90 degree tilt-n-lock and rotation for direct line of sight to the receiver; wi-fi receiver and transmitter led indicators for verification of power and signal strength; integrated battery charging system, up to 12 hrs battery life; ball joint swivel- 15 degrees in each direction off center; built in sun shade; led illumination for low light conditions; flip-up telescoping legs for angled use 15 to 25 degree plus serrated gripping feet for level use.Download bullseye target manager app in apple app store or google play.Includes carry bag.

Camera Type: Sight In Camera
Picture Or Video: Photo/Video
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery Pack
Proofs: Water Resistant
Finish Color: Flat Dark Earth
Wireless Capable: Yes
Video Settings: 1080p