SPRO RkCrawler 55 Crankbait - Ayu Shad

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The RkCrawler 55 crankbait was designed by MLF Angler Mike McClelland to have a wide wobbling hunting action. It's ability to bounce off cover like no other crankbaits triggers aggressive strikes. Just hit the rocks and the RkCrawler 55 does the rest while rocking the school of fish. Most crankbait anglers know that deflection is the deal, and the new RkCrawler 55 takes advantage of a predator's built-in instinct and turns those natural instincts into secure hook-ups that show up at the weigh-in!

*Very Subtle Sound
*Size: 55 mm
*Weight: 1/2 oz.
*Depth: 9-14 ft.
*Hooks: Gamakatsu #5 (47407.5) NSB Round Bend Treble