Spyderco Tri-angle, Spy 204mf Triangle Sharpmaker

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Spyderco's tri-angle sharpmaker is incredibly versatile.It includes two sets of high alumina ceramic 7" stones: medium grit for aggressive sharpening, and fine grit for professional-grade finishing.Stones fit into keyed holes and a set of brass safety rods protect the user's hand during sharpening.The triangular shape allows honing of serrated and plain edges.Slots molded into the polymer base have a 40- and 30-degree angle for knives and a 12.5-degree scissor setting.A groove running the length of the stone is for sharpening pointed objects like darts, awls and fishhooks while a channel on the flipside allows for a benchstone-type set up.The tri-angle sharpmaker includes instruction book and video.

Type: Sharpening System
Open Length: 7"
Sheath: Polymer
Handle Description: Synthetic Black
Sharpener Material: High Alumina Ceramic
Sharpener Type: Medium, Fine