Spypoint Flex G-36 Twin-Bundle Cellular Trail Camera FLEXG36TWINPACK

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Featuring high-definition photos and video sent right to your phone with no worries about which data plan to use, the SPYPOINT FLEX-G36 Trail Camera, offered here as a 2-pack, makes it easy to scout and be ready for success when hunting season rolls around. The FLEX-G36 uses multi-network LTE via true dual-SIM configuration, preloaded with two pre-activated SIM cards, to choose and use whichever cellular network works best in your camera's location. A variety of monthly paid plans are available, but you can also choose to receive 100 photos a month for free.

The camera takes up to 36MP photos and 1080p video with audio, with a quick 0.3-second trigger speed. Time-Lapse and Time-Lapse+ (scheduled as well as triggered images) modes help you see the big picture for game patterns. The images and videos appear in the free SPYPOINT app, which can also be used to set up the camera and update firmware (you can of course take your test photo at the camera site when first installing.)

  • Remotely view images and manage camera via Dual-Sim configuration—finds and uses the best carrier
  • Optional free plan provides up to 100 photos per month
  • Optional paid monthly plans