Stealth Cam Sd Card Reader / Viewer, Steal Stc-crv43xhd 1080p Comptble 4.3 Tch Scrn

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The sd card reader/viewer hd with a 4.30" touch screen from stealth cam features 5 point touch detection and smart gestures for a user friendly way to view images in the field.Features a 1080p video playback; 5 point touch detection; headphone jack for audio; view/delete options; smart gestures; adjustable brightness and volume; intuitive menu operation and micro usb slot.Operates on four aa batteries.Includes wrist lanyard.

Audio: Headphone Jack
Picture Or Video: Photo/Video
Power Source: AA
Display: 4.30" Color LCD Touch Screen
Proofs: Water Resistant
Memory: SD Card Slot/Up to 32GB
Video Settings: 1080p HD