Surefire Stiletto, Sf Plr-a Stiletto Rec 12mm Maxvision 650lum

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The stilettos slim design allows it to be drawn and activated from a pocket as fast as a knife.It is a rechargeable, high-output handheld flashlight ideal for anyones everyday carry kit.The primary switch on the body activates a wide 650-lumen, medium 250-lumen or dialed-down 5-lumen beam for tasks using a maxvision beam reflector.

Material: Aluminum Body w/Lithium Polymer Battery
Type: Flashlight
Output: 650/250/5 Lumens
Oal: 4.45"
Weight: 2.80 oz
Color: Black
Head Diameter: 0.80"
Rechargeable: Yes
Filter Color: White
Switch Type: Push Button