Surefire Stiletto, Sf Plr-b Stiletto Rec 14mm Maxvision 1000lum

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The surefire stiletto pro reshapes the boundaries for tactical and task-oriented rechargeable flashlights.It features an all-new aerospace aluminum body and mil-spec hard anodized for tremendous durability.It fits comfortably in any pocket, and it can be drawn like a knife and activated with ease.The melonite-coated clip steel clip is reversible, providing a variety of carry options.Utilizing surefires proprietary maxvision beam reflector, it provides 1,000 lumens of smooth, shadow-filling led white light in high-output mode, with the added versatility of a 300-lumen medium output and a 25-lumen low output to suit a variety of tasks.The primary switch can be programmed to set the output sequence from low to high or vice versa, while the tactical tail switch accesses high output or a disorienting strobe feature that can disrupt the night-adapted vision of any attacker.

Material: Aluminum
Output: 1000 Lumens
Bulb Type: LED
Oal: 4.50"
Weight: 4 oz
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Color: Black
Rechargeable: Yes