Trijicon Hd Night Sights, Trj 600870 Hd Xr Ns Spg Xd-xdm Yfo

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With the challenges of law enforcement and military in mind, trijicon hd night sights is a self-luminous three dot sight set which uses a tritium-phosphor lamp protected within an aluminum sleeve and capped with a sapphire jewel to evenly distribute light and protect from solvents and puncture.They have a metal body with a silicone rubber cushion for shock protection.The u-notched rear sight is angled and serrated to reduce glare, while the front sight has a tall blade.The protective clear coat resists powder residue and cleaning solvents to keep the color bright for years.This sight set is compatible with springfield xd/xd(m) and has a green tritium front with a yellow outline.

Rear Color: Green w/Black Outline
Type: Front/Rear Set
Frame Material: Metal
Frame Color: Black
Firearm Fit: Sprgfld XD, XD-M, XD-M2
Style: 3 Dot
Front Material: Tritium
Rear Material: Tritium
Front Color: Green w/Yellow Outline
Firearm Type: Handgun