Viridian Xtl Gen 3, Vir 990-0016 Xtl Hd Camera W/tact Lght

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The new viridian xtl gen 3 with camera is the latest version of the legendary x series.First launched in 2008 this family of products has continued to innovate through the years.The gen 3 version is no exception.The new xtl gen 3 with camera comes standard with a 500 lumen led light, multiple operation modes and viridian's patented instant-on technology.Combined with a 1080p full-hd digital camera and microphone, this unique solution provides convenient playback for training, range time or competitions and gives legally armed citizens an added level of reassurance when carrying or in a home defense situation.

Material: Aluminum/Polymer
Output: 500 Lumens
Oal: 2.75"
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
Proofs: Waterproof
Color: Black
Rechargeable: Yes
Switch Type: Instant-On