Z-Man Hella Crawz 3pk - Sprayed Grass

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A versatile crawfish profile with claws that flap wildly on the fall and retrieve, the Z-Man Hella Crawz are ideally suited for a wide variety of fishing applications. Originally designed to excel as a swim jig trailer or flipping bait, Hella Crawz are also effective on shakey heads, Carolina or Texas rigs, and when cut down and used as a compact jig trailer. Hella Crawz displace tons of water with a design that incorporates a ribbed body section, antennas, and claws with raised ridges. Made from Z-Man’s proprietary 10X tough ElaZtech material, Hella Crawz are extremely durable and outlast comparable soft baits by a wide margin. Available in color patterns hand-selected by Z-Man pro Mark Daniels Jr., the Z-Man Hella Crawz are offered in a variety of tournament-proven crawfish colorways.

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3.75" 3